Monday, August 25, 2008

Google Gears .4 API

In case you missed it last week, google announced the release of Gears 0.4 API which allows you to build applications that can "do new and exciting things" based on your users' location. See more in this blog post about location-enabling your apps. Want more help on developing on Google Aps? Check out this video (reg required) on Google Apps quick tour. Speaking of Google, I see that some of the employee dinner perks have been axed... perhaps a result of the recession??


Anonymous said...

At the beginning, Google Geolocation API has determined the location for only Americans, for the other it has returned "unknown". Later this service was advanced, but it often does not show results even for developed countries as yet. For such cases, there is a simple javascript extension to the Google API, which gives back the country of user.

Anonymous said...

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