Monday, March 31, 2008

Mashup tool - WebFOCUS for Google Maps

A new mashup developer tool for the enterprise... Information Builders today announced the release of WebFOCUS for Google Maps, the first rapid mashup application in the business intelligence market. WebFOCUS can drive what is displayed on a map, use location indicators to visually convey operational trends, and navigate the map from a related report to zoom in and out of critical areas. Users can leverage Google Maps to pre-filter and drill down to WebFOCUS reports containing all the details on one or more locations of interest. See

Google mobile - reminder

A reminder about Google services for your mobile... Get Search, Maps, Gmail and more, designed especially for your mobile. See

Thursday, March 27, 2008

London Profiler themes maps with freeware GMap (Google map) Creator

This interesting story comes out of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London courtesy of the BBC. Using a freeware app know as the Google Map Creator, a team of clever geographers has developed the the London Profiler website. According to the team, here you can visualise your neighbourhood's profile using different area classifications through the Google Map interface. All the themes have been created with GMap Creator. Think amazing, thematic mapping served up via google maps. About the application...
The Google Map Creator is a freeware application designed to make thematic mapping using Google Maps simpler. The application takes a shapefile containing geographic areas linked with attributes and automatically generates a working Google Maps website from the data. It does this by pre-creating all the necessary files and saving them into a directory. Publishing the map on the web is then just a matter of copying files onto a web server, allowing Google Maps to be used with the majority of ISPs. See

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

City of Nanaimo, BC data via Google Earth KML

The city of Nanaimo BC, Canada has been very proactive in working with Google Earth and making their data holdings available to users of "Earth". See the following page for some of the data they have made available - see

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

OutAlot local search Google mashup

Heads up, another cool, local search utility has hit the web - enter OutAlot. This clever Google map mashup is currently only providing information in New York (hopefully more places will be added soon). Use the app to search and locate food, movies, bars in the big apple. To test it I search for Food, then I was provided a lengthy list of food types (Indian, Italian, Dim sum etc...). I enter Indian and a lengthy list of relevant hits are displayed in a table and on the map. Click the icon and get more details of the selection. Users are invited to join so they can add places, comments, Bookmark favorite places, and add reviews... very nice. Kudos to the team for producing a very professional local search/mashup application.

FYI, Outalot is also available via most popular mobile devices (even iPhone, Nokia smartphones, etc...) simply point your mobile browser to or This cool local search utility comes to us from Seed Wireless, a startup company founded in 2007 and based in Brooklyn, NY.