Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Windsor, CO Police Speed Trap Google map mashup!

Yesterday I wish I would have had access to some known police hangouts via Google maps.. heck, there likely is a mashup out there that does this (there's one for everything else). After 25 years of clean driving I managed to get pulled over doing 40 in a 30 zone (I know, big freaking deal!) To help in my rehabilitation I've added a Police Speed Trap zone to MyMaps and maybe it will save some other unlucky sucker from falling into the same "trap" that I did. FYI, have you checked out the icons that are now at your fingertips in Google maps lately? Its a breeze to share a map like this with others, taking about one minute to create. Now if all of Windsor can pitch in and help map the rest of the traps we'll have a really useful resource ;0)

Loads of cool icons are now available for placing on your MyMap

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Michael said...

Hey Glenn...
I ran into your BLOG by accident. I sit here in the TRI 102.5 studios every morning and watch as people are pulled over left and right.

Another location is right at 7th and main. They sit off to the side of the road next to WIndsor Middle school and wait for you to zip by...

All the best!

michael Stone